Zeri natural bathing soap is handmade using botanical raw materials of the African origin including Kenyan virgin coconut oil, aloe vera and Ugandan/Ghanaian shea butter focusing mainly on sustainability and environmental preservation.

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Thanks for supporting this business. We endeavor to formulate skin friendly soap that has no side effects. Feel free to send us your feedback on email.
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Producing the highest quality of natural bathing soap.

Gibeon Soaper was started after an industrial chemistry research project on saponification and the chemistry of fats and oils. We have been formulating our soap using nourishing plant ingredients such as shea butter and several essential oils from inception. The soaps are handmade in small batches ensuring the highest quality.

We focus on sustainability and environmental preservation hence this influences our production process, raw material sourcing and packaging. For instance, our products are handmade and we package our soap using recycled paper ensuring a low carbon footprint.

A part from soap we also produce Zeri natural shampoo, body cream and hair conditioner. Our products are mild and hence can be used by everyone in the family.

All Skin Types

Whether it's oily, dry or combination skin, Zeri will give a soothing sensation.


Essential oils are extracted from plant leaves, stems and roots.

Hand Made

Made with care and love

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